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Lunch is served at the Center Monday through Friday from Noon to 12:30 p.m. 


All Seniors (age 60+) will receive a lunch.

We ask for a suggested contribution of $5.00 per meal if able to do so. 


The cost for Non-Seniors (under age 60) is $6.00 per meal. 


The cost for Children under 12 is a $3.00 per meal.

Home Delivered Meals we ask a $5.00 contribution per meal because of the extra cost in packaging

and fuel for delivery.

NOTE:  FOOD SAFETY CONCERN !  Regarding Meal Delivery--A Lunch CANNOT be left if it is not to be eaten immediately or refrigerated to be reheated later.  Please contact Melissa or Dave at the Senior Center if special provisions and accommodations need to be made.  THANKS!

(Note: Menu is subject to change depending on availability and weather.)

U.S.D.A. Prohibits Discrimination in all of its programs and activities on the basis of Race, Color, National Origin, Gender, Religion, Age, Disability, Political Beliefs, Sexual Orientation, Marital or Family Status. 

When there is heavy snow, extreme cold or wind, the center may close and meals will not be delivered or served as we want to ensure the safety of our seniors, volunteers, and staff. 






























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