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Meals are cooked daily at the Senior Center and delivered within an hour or two after having been prepared.  To qualify for home delivered meals one must be home-bound, meaning that the person does not drive.  (in some instances a person who drives may still qualify if they live alone, use a walker - it just depends on their circumstances).  If there is a care giver (perhaps a spouse) with the home-bound person, they both qualify for meal delivery.  The suggested contribution for each meal is $5.00 however we will still deliver a meal even if they don't make a contribution.  Meals can be delivered to most areas of Madison County, Idaho.  Meals are only delivered on week days Mondays through Fridays. 

Frequently asked questions:

How does one sign up for this service?

     Phone 208 522-5391 and ask about home delivered meals for Madison County residents.  For our local Meal Delivery coordinator phone Dave at (208) 356-8442.  He can also tell you about "Private Pay" for people who would like a home delivered meal but don't qualify in regards to age or being home-bound.

What if a meal is needed for a weekend or a holiday when you are closed?    

     Frozen meals are offered for holidays or weekends - phone the Center at 208 356-0080 from 8am to Noon Monday through Friday.  We ask for a $2.00 contribution for frozen meals.

How can you afford to offer this service?

      We are partially subsidized by the federal government, but it's only partial.  Without contributions we would not be able to stay in business.  We hope that those who are able will make a contribution.

 How do I know what they are serving each day?

     Look at the tool bar at the top of the page and click on Menus.  You can choose which days you want meals delivered.

 Can I choose to have something different than what is being served on a particular day?

     Your choices are pretty much limited to what is being served that day.  We have special deserts for diabetics.  Sometimes we can substitute for medical reasons.  

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