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Medicare Counseling, also called SHIBA, is sponsored by the Idaho Department of Insurance.  It is a free program.  A counselor will visit with you one on one to help you better understand Medicare and what your choices are.  This is especially important when you first turn age 65 or when you move - there is a window of opportunity to make certain decisions which cannot be made or reversed later. 

We have two counselors (Ken and Dave) to help you understand your options.  Before you meet with one of them it's best to determine if you are eligible for:                   (1) Government help paying for your Part B medicare premiums and for a                          prescription drug plan..

     (2) Government help paying for a prescription drug plan. 

Click here to see the guidelines for these two programs.  If you are not eligible for either of these programs continue with the instructions below.

Contact one of the persons below to set up an appointment.     

       Ken Hart (208) 881-5772  (email at One would need to                         come to the Senior Center in Rexburg to be counseled by Ken.

       David Klingler (208) 356-8442 -He works from home and would do his counseling                  over the phone.  

You could also phone the idaho Shiba phone number at  1-800-247-4422 to receive help with your questions.  They could also help you set up an appointment with one of our counselors.  


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