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Books at the Senior Center

At the Senior Center we have hundreds of books to loan out - some of which are large print.  Just take the book off the shelf and return it when you are through.  We only ask that you return the one or two books before you borrow more. 

Audio Book recommendations at the Madison County Library.

Below are some of Ken's recommendations.  All of them are family friendly.

Books on CD:

YA Schmidt, Gary. "Okay for Now" - tells of a teen from NY, with attitude, who 

learns about the power of art, accomplishment and survival.  It's clever, fun, and

well written with unforgettable characters.  8 CDs.  (5 stars)

Evans, Richard Paul.  "The Mistletoe Inn" -  An aspiring romance writer, who has had her heart broken multiple times attends a writer's workshop in Vermont.  It's a fun, interesting romance (but not too romancy).  5 CDs.  (5 stars)

Banks, Joseph and Jerry Borrowman.  "A Distant Prayer" - A remarkable true story of Joseph Banks, a young LDS and sole survivor of his plane that shot down over Germany during World War II.  4 CD's.  (5 stars).

McCullough, David.  "1776"  - This is the story of George Washington and those who fought with him against the British.  It covers the year 1776 and some of the darkest days of the Revolution.  This book won the Pulitzer Prize.  5 CD's.  (5 stars)

Evans, Richard Paul.  "A Winter Dream"  -  Joseph is forced out of the family ad agency business by his 11 brothers.  He works his way up in a competing firm.  The story parallels the Joseph of Egypt story in the Bible.  5 CDs.  (4 stars).

Evans, Richard Paul, "The Gift" - A young boy has the gift of healing others.  Great characters, and a fun and interesting read.  5 CDs (4 1/2 stars)

Kilpack, Josi S.  "Promises and Primroses" - Friction between a mother and daughter, along with a widower and his father with definite ideas about strict marriage customs in England make this romance novel fun and interesting.   

8 CD's.  (4 stars). 

Poulson, Clair M,  "Framed" - A handsome detective, a pretty gal, crime bosses, murder, a trial, interesting twists and turns, make this a fun read.  7 CDs.  (5 Stars).

Wright, Camron.  "The Orphan Keeper"  A young boy is kidnapped from his family in India and sent to the US.  The story takes place in India, England, and the U.S.  Indian culture and a young mans quest to find his biological family make it most interesting.   9 CDs.  (5 stars).

Vowell, Sarah, "Lafayette in the Somewhat United States" - This was a very interesting historical documentary about Lafayette and the U.S.  7 CD's (3.5 stars).

YA Waller, Sharon Biggs, "The Forbidden Orchid" - In the novel, a young lady in the 1860's, travels from England to China to help her Father search for a rare orchid.  In her adventure she becomes a more mature person.  10 CD's (4 stars).

Ken will be adding to this list - he listens to a lot of books on CDs.

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